Khaki Linen - Reusable Cloth Mask
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Khaki Linen - Reusable Cloth Mask

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We have created a unique 4 layer mask purposefully designed for filtration and function.

  • Built-in filters
  • Machine washable (in a delicates bag)
  • Can be worn with ear loops or tied around your head
  • Close, snug fit
  • Can be worn with glasses
  • Backwards nose pleat and drawstring sides to minimise gaps
  • Front pleats provide ventilation and allow chin movement for talking
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Made in Australia

Mask composition:

  1. Front outer layer is Cotton Linen (55% Cotton, 45% Linen)
  2. First internal layer is Polyester Chiffon
  3. Second internal layer is Polyester Chiffon
  4. Back outer layer is 100% Cotton

Learn more about the design of our masks >

Our masks are easy to use. There's no need to insert and remove additional filters after every use. Our built-in chiffon layers provide electrostatic filtration for smaller particles.

Wearing your mask
Every face and head is different so our masks come with two long ties made from soft t-shirt yarn which give you flexibility in how you wear it. Experiment with ear loops or tied around your head to see which option you find comfiest and gives a good fit. If wearing glasses or sunglasses you might find that tied around your head sits better, but if you want to put the mask on quickly you might find the ear loops work better.

Please refer to our Size Guide to work out which size is best for you. Sizes are approximate. As the masks are handmade please allow for slight variance +/- 5mm from these measurements.

Size Mask Height* Mask Width at Top
Mask Width at Bottom
Extra Small 70mm / 7cm 175mm / 17.5cm 155mm / 15.5cm
Small 80mm / 8cm 195mm / 19.5cm 175mm / 17.5cm
Medium 90mm / 9cm 220mm / 22cm 200mm / 20cm
Large 100mm / 10cm 245mm / 24.5cm 225mm / 22.5cm

* This is the measurement when the mask is flat. The pleats will allow you to expand the mask an additional 3cm.

Masks will shrink a little on your first wash. Allow for average 1cm shrinkage. Order a larger size if you think you might be between sizes.

Care instructions
  1. We recommend you wash your mask before first use.
  2. It is essential to wash your mask after every use.
  3. Cold machine wash on a normal cycle in a delicates bag will help maintain the longevity of the fabric. If there is a strong chance that you may have had direct contact with COVID-19 then we recommend a hot wash for your mask.
  4. Flatten your mask after washing and line dry in the sun. Do not tumble dry. Make sure the mask is completely dry before you use it. A damp mask can promote the growth of microorganisms.
  5. Iron the pleats if needed.
  6. When going out we recommend you take 2 bags with you: 1 to hold your clean masks and 1 to hold your used masks.
Important to remember
  1. Avoid touching the outside of your mask while you are wearing it. Wash your hands if you do.
  2. Wash your hands before putting on your mask and after removing your mask.
  3. Our masks will not stop you from getting COVID-19. They are a preventative measure to help reduce the community transmission of the virus.

Please note: The t-shirt yarn we use is made from remnant fabric from the fashion industry. We love that it is a recycled product that reduces the amount of fabric off-cuts headed for landfill. Availability depends on the remnants produced, so colours and thicknesses can vary. Your mask may differ from the t-shirt yarn pictured.

Pattern with kind permission by the designer © Iris Luckhaus | | All rights reserved.

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